I have an idea I want to put on a shirt. Can you do that?

Absolutely! We love to help others express their creativity! We figure the cost of each item by measuring how much vinyl it will take to create (it costs us by the foot), which vinyl you'd like (glow in the dark, flourescent, and metallic vinyls cost more), and the item you'd like to press it on. We'll figure out the total cost of the item at the time of your order and we'll let you know immediately.

What if I need to return something?

Because we make every item when it is ordered, each item is, in itself, a custom item. Therefore, unless it is a mistake or a misprint on our part, or if the item itself is defective, we do not accept returns. We do our absolute best to include accurate sizing and shrinkage information, and we wear the items ourselves, so we are very familiar with them. If you are in doubt of size or the material's shrinkage, talk to us at the time of order so that we can be certain that the item you'd like will work for what you need. If in doubt order one size up.

When can I pick-up my Shirtabulous product?

You've decided what you want, but there's nothing worse than having to wait for it! We understand that!! In most cases, we have a turn around time of a three to four days, but we will confirm a pick-up time when you place your order. Please note: (a) large quantity orders and orders around the holidays will take longer and (b) we do not call or notify you when an order is complete, so please remember your pick-up date.

What is the difference between a heat-press tee and a silk-screened tee?

With heat-pressing, we can economically create a single tee by designing it on the computer and cutting it with adhesive vinyl. Unlike screen-printing, we can change the style, color, shaping, font, add a name - just about everything- without having the extra cost of creating a new screen. It also makes us able to create tees without the set-up fee or minimums needed to make silk-screening printing affordable. Since our tees are not printed with ink, they can also be gently ironed, and will not fade or crack. Please see care instructions below for details.

What makes our shirts so special?

At Shirtabulous, we custom make each and every item! Each design is individually cut from the highest quality adhesive vinyl, specially created for use on garments. Each item is professionally heat-pressed at a minumim of 325 degrees, ensuring your custom garment will look great throughout its long life of many future washings! Our process also enables us to create colorful designs on dark colored products, with a variety of colors. With embroidery, we have an extensive collection of professionally designed patterns which we sew on items available in the store. In addition, we can digitize certain logos and designs with a minimum order. Come by the store to have your design evaluated by our experts.

How do I care for my Shirtabulous product?

With proper care, your Shirtabulous tee will last a loooong time. As a matter of fact, even though we stock the best products at the most affordable prices possible, we've actually had shirts and bags wear out and be outgrown before any of our designs faded, peeled or cracked! Wow! To make your garment live a long, happy life, use the following washing guidelines:

For regular tee shirts- (Those without rhinestone accents)
  • Always wash with like colors.
  • Use detergent without bleach- even the most "gentle" bleach-infused detergents will break down designs on any clothing item.
  • It is best to skip the dryer. If you need to machine dry it, do so on low heat in the gentle cycle. Always dry it inside-out, with the design on the inside to help it from getting "beat up in the machine.
  • Since your tee is created using heat, gentle ironing will not hurt your design. In fact, an occassional iron can do your design some good! It will not only keep it fresh looking, but if your shirt gets excessive wash and wear, it will continue to give your shirt a neat look. Using medium heat, gently put the iron onto your design, pick up and repeat. Do not rub or push it.
For tees with rhinestone accents
  • Use the same methods as above.
  • We recommend that you skip the dryer altogether. Although we've tested our rhinestone designs in the dryer and have yet to lose a stone, we were still very careful with the garments. We use only lead-free high quality Korean cut rhinestones and the recommendation from the manufacture suggests that you not dry them.
For other, non-wearable, Shirtabulous gear
  • As with any non-wearable item, follow the regular manufacture's directions for care of the item. Most of the time this includes spot treatment of a stain with a damp cloth.
For machine embroidered Shirtabulous gear
  • Embroidered items are cleaned using the same instructions as the fabric they are sewn on - follow the instructions on the garment or other item.